Kenya authorities don arrest 19 Nigerians on top 419 for social media

Gang member wey dem arrest for San Salvador for December 2016.

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Kenya authorities on Saturday morning arrest some Nigerians wey dem accuse say dey use koni-koni way target Kenyans for social media.

Na 19 pipo dem arrest at once as dem raid Umoja, Kasarani and Royambu estates for Nairobi di same time on top suspected internet fraud.

Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, say na friend request dem dey use start di scam.

Wen di target don accept, dem go begin chat wit am, from dia dem go promise to DHL dem goodies.

Di next day dis innocent pesin go receive fake call from sombori wey go pretend say e dey work for DHL, say make di target bring moni to clear di parcel.

Wetin we call dis Video,

"Kenya people wan marry Nigerians"

If di target fall maga send moni through M-Pesa - dis na mobile moni transfer - anoda call go come to ask am to pay more moni for documentation and tax. Once dem pay dis one, dem don fall maga final be dat, di 419 guys no go eva pick im call again.

Dis raid happun afta plenti pipo complain to police about dis kain fraud. One victim tell police say dem promise am iPhone and im pay Sh70,000 ($700) for am but notin notin.

During di raid, dem discover plenty electronic gadgets for dia different house dem. Some of di suspets bin enta Kenya as students, odas come as business men.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Maasai market Kenya

So far sha, di detectives neva tok wetin dem go charge di fraudsters wit or how much moni Kenyans don lose from di social media fraud.