Mama Fouda wan make nurses remain for work place but deh don turn target

Two nurses weh deh kill for Mbengui Image copyright Cameroon Health Ministry

For some taim now, nurses for Northwest and Southwest regions na target for goment and Ambazonia forces, as deh kill three, injure some, burn down some health units.

Andre Mama Fouda, Health Minister don say make medical staff remain for dia post, even if deh don turn target, deh kill three, wound some and burn health centres for de two Anglophone regions weh fight between goment and ambazonia forces just di go before.

Last week deh kill two nurses dem weh na head for Kob and Njah Etu health units, under Mbengui for Northwest region and e happen say na husband and wife Ngong Patrick and Azah Nancy weh deh bin di kam back for farm.

Deh bury dem for some days ago. Also, deh kill security agent for Mbonge health unit for Southwest region.

For Bamenda deh shoot some nurse for inside Ambulance afta deh bi transfer one sick man go anoda hospital for Northwest region.

Deh also burn health unit for Mbonge and Ad Luchem health unit for Bamuck still for Southwest region.

Image copyright Cameroon Health Ministry

Mama Fouda say e shock as 'ambzonia forces' kill medical staff, destroy health units for Anglophone regions even if population di point acussing finger for goment forces.

Goment di regret say dis kana killings di happen, say president Biya don promise for bring back peace but say make deh stay for dia work place.

Nurse weh e tok for tori pipo say e run from place weh e bi di work for Batibo for seka say ambazonia forces wan make e treat dia pipo as deh no fit take dem go hospital for fear say army go arrest dem.

Image copyright Cameroon Health Ministry

De nurse say deh warn e say military di monitor e and so e bi get for pack e tins dem leave dat area as deh don bi target for Ambazonia boys weh deh di kidnap dem for go treat dia pipo and goment forces weh deh di kill dem because deh check say deh di treat Ambazonia fighters.

Medical staff di fear for tok for tori pipo as army go threaten and torture dem.

Deh torture Bihle Mbinkar weh na doctor for Wainamah for Northwest region say e di treat ambazonia fighters and as e put de tori for Facebook army go threaten e for house.

Army tok-tok pesin, Colonel Didier Badjeck say make medical personnel try for tok for de commander for dia area but e also say e bi difficult for protect medical personnel as deh di lack staff.

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