Five tins wey chimpanzee fit teach you about politics

Chimpanzee take im fingers block ear Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Politicians of today fit learn sometin from di way chimpanzees dey behave

Make you no too surprise say di way humans dey take do politics, resemble wetin dey happun for animals like chimpazene.

Professor of Politics for di University of Oxford James Tilley don dey do work to know wetin humans fit learn about politics from how chimpanzee dem take dey fight for power among demsef.

1. Keep your friends close, but enemies closer

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Image example I no fit believe say I dey follow you enta politics

For di kind politics wey chimpanzee dem dey do, na padi-padi type wey fit change anytime, and to reach di top you need ready to deny your friends and embrace your enemies.

Most of di alliance na for beta connection, no be because say dem dey find friendship.

2. Wen you dey build your alliance, pick pesin wey weak no be pesin wey strong

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Image example Equal partners mean say wen time to share tins come, e go be equal equal

For chimpanzee world, in oda to fight strong chimp, di ones wey weak go find anoda chimp wey no too get power so dat dem go join hand fight am. Weak chimps no dey go find strong chimps to join hand wit dem because e no pay dem like dat.

Dis one make sense if you reason am like dis - if I pally with weak pesin, wen time to share di beta don reach, wetin I get go pay me pass if di pesin I pally with na strong pesin - because im fit chance me.

3. E dey good make pipo fear you, but e beta say na like dem like you

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Image example For inside politics, e pay make you be popular pesin

Chimpanzee leaders dey take strength and fear-fear rule odas chimps, but dis kain leaders no too dey last.

To be successful leader, you need to ginger support for you and we-we pipo inside di masses and you must find way to combine gentle hand and strong hand as dis dey important.

4. E dey good make pipo like you, but e even beta to dey share awoof

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Image example Dis na for you, my friend

Di ruling leaders wey dey last well well na di ones wey fit gada beta tins and share dem out to odas to take buy support.

For di BBC radio programme In Analysis: Primate Politics, we hear of one chimpanzee leader wey rule for over 12 years because im dey share meat wey im hunt give im followers.

5. Serious gbege from outside fit make pipo join hand

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Image example If your enemy na my enemy, we fit be friends

Wen serious gbege from outside come, primate animals like chimpanzee go forget all di kwanta between demsef to join hand and fight togeda.

Sabi pipo say evidence no dey say dis one dey work for human beings - except say di gbege na big one wey pipo no expect, like wetin happen for 9/11 inside America, according to evidence.

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