Over 1000 pipo di die everi year for road accident for Cameroon - UN Road Safety Boss

Jean Todt United Nations Secretary General e special envoy for Road Safety

Wia dis foto come from, UN Cameroon

Jean Todt United Nations Secretary General e special envoy for Road Safety visit Cameroon give results of dia investigation weh e show say 1000 pipo di die everi year for accident for kontri.

Jean Todt, UN Secretary General e 'Nchinda', say 16, 583 accidents di happen everi year and kontri di loss FCFA100 billion for seka de accidents, moni weh e fit build 8 hospitals, 100 classroom and 250km road.

Even though official figure show say na 1000 pipo di die everi year, World Health Organisation, WHO, check say e pass 6000 pipo weh deh di die.

Cameroon na de second kontri afta Uganda weh UN helep for shine eye for dia road safety and UN check say na plenti motor about 675,000 for 2014 make accidents increase and di cause plenti serious accidents.

Na for seka dis figures weh UN Secretary General e 'nchinda' for Road Safety say make Cameroon tire e sanja fain for check road safety.

For Africa road accident dey three taimes more dan de wan for Europe weh about 300,000 accidents dem di happen for year and Un wan reduce accident by 50 percent.

But UN boss check say de figures dem di reduce everi year about 18 percent for seka goment don komot strategy for put road safety for kontri.

Transport Minister, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, say kontri dey ready for put corrections for ground laik independent coordination body and improve e laws dem.

UN Road Safety Boss komot dis report for taim weh pleti accidents di happened for kontri. Even Prime Minister Philemon Yang e convoy get accident as e di kam back from journey for Northwest region though person no die.

Before PM e accident, wan Divisional Officer for Figuile for Far North, Jean Christian Abah Abah die for accident with e woman and pikin and some wan dem still dey hospital.

E nova stay weh bus get accident weh e kill 30 pipo and day no di pass weh tori for accident no komot for social media.