White farmers: Trump don order investigate into ''South Africa by-force land gbab''

Donald J. Trump

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Donald J. Trump no dey shy to tok wetin dey im mind

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa don tok say make United States explain wetin President Donald Trump tok on top how dem dey collect land from white farmers dem.

Mr Trump bin tweet say im wan investigate di mata and make Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, chook eye inside.

Oga Ramaphosa office say dem go ask US embassy for Pretoria to help dem interpret di meaning of wetin dia presido don tok.

Na for Twitter Mr Trump tok say im tell Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to shine im torch wella inside di way dem dey by-force gbab land, farms and killi killi white farmers on anoda level.

Trump provoke go twitter wit dis im tok afta America tori pipo Fox News cari one tori for Wednesday wey focus on South African land mata and di killi killi of white farmers.

Khusela Diko, wey be Ramaphosa tok tok pesin say, "We don see Mr Trump tweet, and wetin we know be say e no true''.

South Africa goment also use Twitter tok directly to Trump say dem no go gree on top dis tok wey go only divide dia kontri and remind dem of dia colonial history.

South Africa Presido Ramaphosa announce for 1 August di ruling African National Congress (ANC) go continue wit dia plan to change di constitution wey go allow dem seize any farm without compensation.

Since majority of South Africa land dey di hand of white farmers, more than 20 years afta di end of apartheid for di kontri, na dem e go affect pass.

Even though goment bin try buy land from white farmers afta apartheid end for 1994 so dem fit use am help black farmers, dis strategy no work unto say many white farmers no wan sell.

Many pipo for South Africa don enta social media wit dis hashtag #LandExpropriation, to tok dia own unto wetin dem feel about wetin Trump don tok, as we so expect black pipo dey vex while white pipo dey support Trump.

For parliament yesterday, Ramaphosa tok say dis strategy to reshare land na to heal di long time "wound" of land kwanta wey no favour black pipo and e go grow di economy of di kontri.

Ramaphosa tok say without dis u-turn South Africa go experience wahala.

As dis one dey happun, US First Lady, Melania Trump, dey plan to fly go Africa, her visit solo international trip as di wife of di presido.