Ghana beat Nigeria as most hardworking immigrants for United States

Ghana migrants

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Ghanaian Mary Gyimah collect U.S. Citizen during U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalization ceremony

Ghanaians who dey work for United States according to 2018 report be di most hardworking foreigners for that country, beating Nigeria who chop 8th position.

From di research findings Ghana who come 1st score 75.2 percent while Nigeria for 8th position score 71.0 percent.

Di report which analyse di work den job skill among immigrant groups for United States of America identify Ghanaians for US as di most hardworking people.

Bulgaria den Kenya rank second and third plus 74.2 percent and 73.4 percent. But other African countries wey feature for di top 11 most hardworking countries be Kenya (3rd), Ethiopia (4th) den Liberia (9th).

Bloomberg financial journalist Justin Fox who produce di report talk say "if dem want more high-skilled, hardworking, English-speaking, wey go integrate plus immigrants, di best option be African countries who dey speak English."

Meanwhile from di report, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal and Ghana have di highest number of citizens pursuing higher education for US after Saudi Arabia.