Police don gbab Port Harcourt child traffickers, rescue four pikin dem

Alleged Child traffickers for Eleme, Rivers State Image copyright Anita Ogona
Image example Madam Helen Christopher na prophetess wey get healing home for Eleme

Men of Criminal Investigations department CID for Rivers State Police Command don burst child trafficking syndicate wey one 34 years old woman Madam Helen Oluchi Christopher dey run for Eleme, Rivers State, south south Nigeria.

Di woman dey operate healing home wey be Mountain of Lord deliverance fire ministry for Eleme even though say she from Akwa Ibom state.

Police tok tok pesin for Rivers Command, Nnamdi Omoni tell tori pipo say di police arrest her for her church and na dia dem see two boy pikin. One of di pikin na Daniel Chiogo wey bi one year 3 months old but dem neva identify di oda pikin as im parents neva come.

Image copyright Anita Ogona
Image example Madam Helen deny say na help she dey help look afta di pikin even though she give N30,000 to Joy

Omoni say for 12 February 2018, one Christogous Chiogo for Mile 4 report say dem don tiff im pikin wey be Daniel but for 18 August 2018, Police for Eleme division arrest one Joy Olaka Nwogu wey dem see wit set of twins for her hand. Wen den question her, she confess say she tiff di twins.

Im say further investigation come help dem recover four more pikins wey dey Helen hand and dem dey try to recover oda pikins wey dey wit her.

Joy Olaka Nwogu confess say she dey do child trafficking business since last year and dis Madam Helen naim bring her into di business and tiff di twins wey dem catch her wit. Nwogu say e happun wen she go meet her for money so she go fit return to school.

She say Madam Helen make her swear before she start to bring pikin come give her. She come add say plenti children dey wit her but wen police come arrest dem as dem dey cell, madam Helen come threaten her say as she wan expose her she go die for di cell.

But Madam Helen Christopher say she na prophetess wey get church for Eleme. She say wen she see Joy, she claim say her boyfriend give her belle come say im no go marry her again because she dey misbehave but as tins be, she no fit take care of di pikin again say she wan sell am. She come discourage her say make she no sell di pikin so since June dis year, she dey help her take care of di pikin. But to dey sure she carry her go altar for church say make she swear because she no know wetin dey her mind and she record am for phone.

She insist say she no buy di pikin but she dey take care of di pikin because di pikin bin dey sick but she give her N30,000 to take care of her problem as she say she wan travel out of di country but any day she come back she go pay back di money collect her pikin back and all dis one dey di phone recording but because she dey busy dey run around for her mama burial she no get chance to go report for police.

Christogous Chiogo wey recover im pikin from di traffickers hand say im dey happy as im don see im son Daniel as dem dey find am since February dis year. Im recognise Joy as im neighbour girlfriend wey be friend to im house girl come add say she deceive di house girl come tiff di pikin and since deney find am.

Im say, "wen police arrest her she gree say na she tiff my son. We go di place wey she keep my son, I see my son and oda children hug because I recognise my son naim make I carry am immediately. I give God di glory."

Image copyright Anita Ogona
Image example Police still dey investigate to catch odas police wey dey follow dem for dis trafficking business

Di police tok tok pesin, Omoni come warn parents to dey careful and monitor dia pikins and househelp well because dem know say dis child trafficking don enta some of di police and dem go make sure say evri pesin wey connect wit dis syndicate go face justice.

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