Nigeria: 700,000 youth go conduct 2019 elections - INEC

So pipo wey come Uniport go spread di good news give oda youths for south south Nigeria.
Wetin we call dis foto,

So pipo wey come Uniport go spread di good news give oda youths for south south Nigeria.

Independent National Election Commission - INEC wey be Nigeria election office dey join bodi wit celebs and ambassadors from European Union and Ireland to ginger university students all over di kontri to get dia permanent voter card.

INEC want university students to take di 2019 elections very serious and look well for di election so dem no go vote pipo wey before no do well but choose pipo wey get dia interest and di development of Nigeria.

Celebs like Bright Okpocha aka Basket Mouth for di INEC European Union Voters Education Program wey happun for University of Port Harcourt say politicians wey don fail to fulfil dia promise don come again to carry youths do violence.

Basket mouth tok say dis time make youths shine dia eye well well say no, because di power dey dia hand wit dia permanent voter card.

Chairman for Independent National Electoral Commission INEC Mahmud Yakub say nobody go force di Commission to accept or announce result of election wey no comply wit di electoral laws say now tins don change.

INEC say dis na program dem design for all di six geopolitical zones for di kontri to take to ginger youths for one university campus per zone say make dem take politics and election serious.

Di oga for Voter Education and Publicity, Soyebi Adedeji Solomon wey tok for oga Mahmud say na students and young pipo make up 60% of di population and as INEC go use between 650 to 700,000 youth for evri election wey dem go conduct for 2019 naim make e dey important say dem get dia attention to participate actively for di elections.

Adedeji come draw ear say as e happen for di Rivers Assembly by-election for southern Nigeria say "only vote go count. Violence and intimidation no go determine who go win election. Any election wey no meet di guidleines or law of di land no dey acceptable to di Commission."

So far dem don visit three geopolitical zones already wey be Lagos, FCT Abuja and Kano and dem go still carry di same message go di remaining two zones and na for di students for di university wey dem choose to spread di message for di states wey make up di zone.