Marhaba, di cinema wey influence Kannywood

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Different CDs of HAusa feems
Wetin we call dis foto,

India feems ginger today Kannywood feems no be small especially dia singing and dancing

Once upon a time for Kano, di city bin dey bubble wit cinema dem and di most popular one dat time na Marhaba Cinema.

Marhaba Cinema bin dey show mainly India feem and dis feems really affect di way wey Kano movie industry Kannywood dey take do dia feems today.

Some ogbonge Indian feems like Sholay, Jugnu, Nagin, "na for Marhaba Cinema we first watch am for early 70s. Dat time cinema for north of Nigeria no reach five." Dis na wetin Mallam Jibo Tarauni tell BBC Pidgin.

Marhaba Cinema wey bin start for late 60s, get 10,000 seats for pipo wey dey come watch feem evri day but goment close am for 2012 afta militants attack am.

Militant attacks for 2012 no only kill 120 pipo but also kill one of di oldest and biggest cinemas wey Nigeria bin get.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Former Marhaba Cinema building for Kano.

Mallam Sule, dey sell tins outside Marhaba, like many oda pipo for Kano, im believe say, di militants wey bin scata di place na Boko Haram dem be.

Indian feem influence Hausa feem

Di Indian feems wey Marhaba bin show for way back, follow influence all di sing sing plus dance wey dey show for Hausa feems now, according to wetin many pipo believe.

As par say na India movie Kano pipo watch wella for 70s and 80s, dem fall in love wit all di singing and dance dance. By di time wey dem begin dia own feem, dem sef put dance and singing inside.

Popular actor Ali Nuhu Mohammed, bin start im acting work from Kannywood before im blow enta Nollywood. Im tok say, "of course we fit say Marhaba play big role for our careers as Kannywood actors sake of say na very historic place for feems for northern Nigeria"

Wia dis foto come from, Ali Nuhu Mohammed

Wetin we call dis foto,

Ogbonge Kannywood and Nollywood actor Ali Nuhu Mohammed

Kannywood ogbonge director Babangida Bangis, follow gree say, no be small part Marhaba play for Kannywood, as na from dia dem get some of di plots for dia feems and di music and dance.

"During dat time if pipo go watch feem for Marhaba, di discussion of di feem go dey everiwhere and as Kannywood start, dem come dey use dis tori dem plus songs wey pipo dey tok."

Hamza Dogo, be producer for Kannywood, e agree wit wetin Bangis tok but add say indian films like 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Guru get dia Hausa versions.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Feem director Babangida Bangis say di cinema get heavy influence for Kannywood

"Marhaba help us not only for tori, music and dance wey we learn from Indian feems but even for marketing." Dat time na dia we dey go "advertise our feems to many pipo for early days of Kannywood."

Pipo wey bin sabi di place, di time wey e reign say, e dey host pass 50,000 pipo every week as dem bin dey come enjoy different feems plus see dia favourite actors.

But now, nothing dey happen dia since dat Boko Haram attack and pipo wey bin sabi di place before, if dem see am now dem fit cry, na wetin Sule tok.

Ali Nuhu believe say, to reivie "di place to become modern cinema na wetin all of us suppose stand for."