Churches den mosques for Ghana agree plus gov't on tax payment

Man dey waka in front of church Image copyright Getty Images

Leaders of Religious groups for Ghana den government of come reach agreement say churches, mosques den other religious groups go start dey pay taxes for di country inside.

Dis new development happen after President Akufo-Addo meet plus religious leaders Wednesday August 29, 2018 for Jubilee House.

Few weeks ago, di President raise di matter say check like these religious groups for start dey pay taxes, he finally explain di matter give leaders of di Christian community den Muslim leadership.

Those wey dey present include di Catholic Bishops Conference, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, di National Charismatic and Christian Churches, di Christian Council of Ghana, di Council of Independent Churches, one rep from di National Chief Imam den other Muslim leaders.

After di meeting, the religious leaders explain say ibe now dem dey understand di mindset behind di recent demands say make dem pay taxes on di monies dem dey make.

Meanwhile, Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Commissioner-General Emmanuel Kofi Nti, reveal for press conference inside recently say dem go start dey monitor preachers wey dey display dema monies show everybody.

Other Christian leaders like Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, Chairman for National Peace Council also add en voice, he explain say make government collect tax on items like anointing oil, candle den stuff wey some churches dey sell.

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