Lagos 57 gay suspects: 'PVC na problem for dia bail condition'


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Nigerian law no dey allow man and man or woman and woman marriage

Di main crime of di 57 boys wey police for Lagos, South-West Nigeria arrest on Sunday August 26 na 'cultism'.

Police bin arrest di boys afta dem get tip-off say dem dey do initiation into gay club for Kelly Ann Hotel/Event Centre, for Egbeda, say dem "break di law of di land ontop sexual relationship".

But according to one of dia lawyers, Zainab Anthony, wey dey court wit dem, wen e reach time to charge dem for Magistrate court Yaba, confusion bin first dey.

E no clear wetin dem go charge dem for but las las, dem nack dem wit primary charge of cultism wit plan to involve for homosexual activity.

"Dem say dem dey di party to initiate dem inside cult wey dey involved in gay activities" Na so Anthony tell BBC Pidgin.

Wetin we call dis Video,

'I be Lesbian, but I also be pesin’

'PVC na problem for di bail condition'

Although dem grant dem bail on Tuesday August 28, none of di boys don free as dem never fit perfect dia bail condition.

Anthony tell BBC Pidgin say di bail condition dey hard one kain for families of di boys to meet.

"For example if you get two children dia, you no fit stand for di two of dem, you go need to find anoda pesin to stand for di oda one."

Anthony tok say anoda challenge na say some of di families wey wan stand as surety no get di Permanent Voters Card wey di magistrate nack as one of di condition, as form of Identification.

"Di judge insist say dia mode of ID na PVC afta she find out say na only 9 out of di boys get PVC or National ID, she say di boys dey irresponsible as dem pass 18 years old.

"Some families get pipo wey get, some no get, one family dey na only di papa get and two of im pikin dem involve so dat one na problem."

She also say dem get 17 boys wey nobody don come for wey tok say dia family no dey Lagos.

One of di family members say dem dey run up and down to meet all di due process and e no sure say dem go come out till like Monday or Tuesday next week.

For now, di boys dey Ikoyi prison and dia court case go start for October 10 2018.