Nigeria Army don deny claim say dem sacrifice hundreds of soldiers for northeast

Nigeria Army

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Di Nigerian army don deny claim say dem set trap for soldiers for Operation Lafiya Dole to die for di hand of Boko Haram militants for di north east of di kontri.

Oga for Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Texas Chukwu tok say claim wey one Dr Idris Ahmed cari come say senior officers plan wit Boko Haram militants against Nigerian soldiers na fake news.

Di koko of di tori be say 'one soldier' wey dey battle field give informate to Dr. Ahmed say e reach 800 Nigerian soldiers wey Boko Haram surround, steal dia weapons and killi killi hundreds of soldiers.

Brig-Gen. Chukwu tok say, ''tori say di commander of 707 Special Forces Brigade send 150 soldiers for Gashigar to go fight na only for Ahmed brain e dey''.

''Dis assignment no happun for Thursday 23, August dis year or location''.

''Also e no true say, for di history of 707 Special Forces Brigades, dem don suffer killi killi like dis during operation all over di kontri'' im tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Brig-Gen. Chukwu tok say soldiers of 707 Special Forces Brigade don change di war for di beta for di northern region of di kontri

Brig-Gen Chukwu tok say di army and military get get correct way dem dey do dia evri day operations, wey include di way dem dey send soldiers to go fight for di war wey dey happun for di northeast.

So according to di General, na bad and irresponsible tin for any pesin to believe say senior army officers fit join hand wit any terrorist to set trap for any soldier.

Chukwu hail di soldiers of 707 Special Forces Brigade wen im tok say dia work don change di fight against terrorism for beta for di northeast, northwest, and north central region of di kontri.

Las las Brig-Gen. Chukwu advice Nigerians make dem no mind dis claims wey Ahmed dey yan. According to di General dem don give Ahmed seven days to either produce evidence to support im claim or else go face court case.