Cameroon Anglophone regions: Why schools dem no fit start effectively

Cameroon classroom


For Northwest and Southwest Cameroon, school no start laik for oda parts for de kontri on Monday, as pipo di fear for dia live.

Afta deh burn some school, pikin dem no go get place for learn and deh don completely burn down some villages kontri pipo for northwest tok.

"We dey for middle, goment di tell we say if we no go for school we don resign, and Ambazonia fighters di threaten we if we go teach", na so one teacher tok dia fear for BBC News Pidgin.

Schools no dey certain to start fain-fain for Northwest and Southwest because some activists don send messages say make kontri pipo respect kontri Sunday, ghost town weh e dey every Monday since de crisis reach anoda level.

Miranda Namodo for Bamenda tell BBC News Pidgin say "ah look how place quiet for seka say na ghost town, den ah remain for house with ma pikin dem. Ah go take ma pikin dem for school tomorrow".

Even for Buea, place quiet pipo deh inside house as deh fear for move for seka say na kontri Sunday.

"Kontri pipo di wanda how school go fit go fain wen fear deh for air, shooting for all side as goment and Ambazonia forces di fight, deh don burn burn schools wusai pikin dem go stay for learn. Even pipo don run komot for some villages", Valentine Nah tok.

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School pikin dem from Nigeria inside one UN camp for refugees for Cameroon. Boko Haram fight fight don also disturb education for di Lake Chad region

Before now, de interim goment for Ambazonia bin get meeting for US and dey say school no go go dey Anglophone regions.

Afta some debate, Chris Anu Interim goment communication secretary say parents dem fit send dia pikin dem for school but say deh no di guarantee dia safety.

For security meeting for Northwest, Colonel Claude Meka tok for national station, CRTV say deh don put security for make sure say school start. Security dey tight for schools now for Cameroon even for Yaoundé.

But e no bi clear how dey go guard schools dem or students from attack. For more dan two years now schools di go Anglophone regions laik pesin weh e sick epilepsy, since November 2016.

Some parents don take dis pikin dem from Northwest and Southwest put dem for school for other areas laik Bafoussam, Douala and Yaoundé.

Ma two pikin dem dey now na Yaoundé, as deh go holiday ah decide for lef dem dia with dis crisis, Antoinette Yingu tell BBC pidgin.