Anglophone crisis: Gunmen don free principal and two students deh bin kidnap on Monday

School children

Schools start for Cameroon for bad way on Monday as un-known gunmen kidnap principals, students and kill two headteachers for Northwest region.

Di gunmen don free principal afta snake beating and wound weh make e go hospital, deh also free two pikin dem but de rest still dem captivity. Source don tell BBC News Pidgin.

Deh kidnap de principal and some students but no bi clear how many students for PCSS Bafut on Monday. Bafut for some day bin bi na hot place as army and Ambazonia forces bin di exchange gunshots.

For Kumbo Northwest region deh also kidnap principal for Government Technical High School, GTHS. Population for Ndop and Babanki still for Northwest say deh kill two head teachers.

But, Southern Cameroon secessionist movement say deh no know anytin about deh kidnappings. For e twitter Chris Anu, Communication Secretary for Southern Cameroons say deh soldiers torture teacher for class na for point finger for restorationists and say dey also kidnap nine pikin dem.

Wan teacher weh e go school on Tuesday for Bamenda town tell BBC News Pidgin say pikin dem no kam for school and na only two teachers dem deh for school.

"Ah no go school today because deh threaten me and ma teacher say deh go cut wa head if we put foot for school", anoda teacher tell BBC News Pidgin.

On Tuesday for Mile 2 junction for Bamenda, one resident call BBC News Pidgin tori pesin "We dey na under bed now so, Ambazonia boys attack gendamerie brigade, deh kill one military man".