WhatsApp: Six signs say you no sabi use group chats

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If you no dey inside WhatsApp group chat, you go know at least one pesin wey dey use am.

Group chat make plenti sense weda na for choir to gree which song dem go sing next Sunday, work tins or students wey dey do homework togeda.

But di wahala of group chat dey start wen pipo begin use am do anyhow and show dia village sef.

As millions of students dey return back to school or university dis September - di number of groups wey pipo fit join suppose increase.

So wetin be di worst tins pipo dey do for WhatsApp and how you fit change your way?

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Di group admin

Di admin na alpha and omega for di group.

Group chat no be democracy, na only di admin get all di power.

So as captain, na serious tin to sama di group wit house rules from day one but no forget say papa, na im be di kingmaker behind di power so im fit get special exemption.

Rule 1: No dey do two-aside

Dis na big N-O!

First of all, remember say na "group chat" so e no follow if you dey do chat wit just one pesin.

Na only tins wey affect evri-bodi or tins wey dem go enjoy you fit cari put inside di group.

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Di answer to dis palava na simple somtin. If you wan do two-aside tok tok, just message di pesin direct.

Not evri one suppose know say you wan do full bodi waxing for spa.

Rule 2: Shine you eye wella before you send message

First check, check again and den check for di last time before you send any message.

For April dis year, one pastor wife do mistake go send naked video of her own bodi from head, middle and bottom to church group chat.

Dis kain tori full internet, so look left, right and left again before you cross enta dis palava.

Apart from di shame wey fit catch you if you send wrong message to group, e fit make you comot yasef for di group and hide your face wen you jam former group members.

Rule 3: No dey send broadcast message

Weda you send broadcast message or not, di world no go end.

E no go kill you if you no send 10 messages to di pipo wey dey your group.

Bad luck no go follow you so control yasef before odas enta your mata.

Rule 4: No send long message

Why you dey send 10 messages if you fit pack evri tin enta one line?

Rule 5: No dey do 'ghost mode' for group chat

Group chat no be for pipo wey no wan chat.

Unto say evri bodi no wen you receive and read dia message, e fit vex oda members wey dey wait for you to tok your own on top important mata.

Rule 6: Take permission before you invite anoda member enta di group

Come, e make sense to invite 30 pipo come your house come padlock dem for inside one room just like dat?

So e make sense to first ask pesin if dem wan join your group chat before you drag dem come.

Na also good tin to tell di group admin wen you wan comot di group.

E be like pesin wey no say bye-bye before e disappear afta parole wit friends for joint.