Husband get right to beat wife for Nigeria, oda sexist laws

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Feminism don begin make Nigerian women dey shine eye on top dia rights and many oda wahala wey dey affect dem.

Even as di feminism fight still dey go on strong upon all di yabis wey e dey get, some kain laws for Nigeria still dey slow down di success of dis movement.

University of Nigeria Nsukka Law graduate, Nnanna Emeka na one of di pipo wey dey cari dis feminism fight for head afta im study Feminist Jurisprudence for school.

Nnnanna say e dey shocking wen im see say pipo yakpa wey no know say di constitution dey support laws wey no favour woman.

E use vex enta social media to write some of di Nigerian laws wey im feel say no favour women.

1. Husband get right to beat im wife

Under section 55 (d) of the Nigerian Penal Code, for couples wey dey subject to customary law, husband fit use beating to correct im wife as far as im no give her serious wound wey fit land her for hospital.

Even though dis law still dey exist, Nigeria release di Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act for 2015. Dis Act dey against different kain violence and offenders fit get serious punishment.

2. Women no fit work for night

Section 55 of di Nigerian Labour Act no allow women to dey work for night except di woman na nurse.

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Image example Many women dey do sex work for night for many parts of Nigeria

Some women feel say dis law dey reduce di money women fit make but Olamide Abe wey be law student for Nigeria tell BBC Pidgin say di law make sense as e dey protect women.

She no gree say dem make di law to try chance women.

3. Sexual Assault against women na small offence

Inside section 353 of di Nigerian Criminal Code, indecent assault on any man na serious crime and di punishment fit reach 3 years for prison.

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But under section of dis same Code, indecent assault on woman na just small offence and punishment no fit pass 2 years inside prison.

4. Woman wey marry akata man no fit make her husband Nigerian citizen

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Image example Foreign woman wey marry Nigerian man fit become Nigerian but na long tin you dey if you be foreign man wey marry Nigerian woman

Under section 26 and 27 of di Nigerian Constitution, only man fit make im foreign wife become Nigerian citizen. Woman no fit try am.

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Domestic violence na serious problem for Nigeria

5. Woman no fit write permission for her pikin wey wan marry

Pesin wey wan marry below 21 years go need submit written consent from im papa. Di only time di pesin mama fit write dat kain letter na if di papa no dey again or if di papa head no correct.

Na so dem take write am for Section 18 of di Nigerian Marriage Act.

6. No be crime for husband to rape im wife

Section 6 of di Criminal Code explain say marital rape no be crime for Nigeria. In fact, according to di law, e no dey possible for husband to rape im wife or make wife rape her husband.

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Olamide Abe tok say dis law no good because pipo plenti wey dey suffer marital rape. She say di overall rape law for Nigeria just get as e be.

Nnanna, like many oda feminists for Nigeria, dey call for laws wey go favour both men and women. Im still add say no be to just make laws but to make sure say pipo dey obey dem.

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