Bamenda wakeup small-small afta Tuesday shooting


Wia dis foto come from, REINNIER KAZE

Wetin we call dis foto,

Old foto of Bamenda for February 2018

Afta shooting and killing on Tuesday for Bamenda Cameroon wey make all man fear, life don di return for normal small-small.

Pipo wey dem suspect be Ambazonia forces surprise Abakwa pipo as deh attack hotel weh Basic Education Minister Hadija Alim di stay as e go check as school di resume for Northwest.

"Night be quiet, no gun shot for ma quarter, but things dem slow," Paulette kininla résident for Nkwen tell BBC News Pidgin.

But de tok for town na surprise shooting weh e make pipo for some quarters dem for Nkwen run for dia lives.

"Wan goment force run with e gun go hide inside woman dem for ma quarter, school pikin dem hide under bench, security guard too lie for ground with odas, de tin bi bad", Mile 2 resident tell BBC News Pidgin.

But fear still dey for outside as some residents say make goment act fast look for solution for Abakwa and oda places for Northwest. Dis na especially as some activists say deh no wan just see anything say school and elections.