Mambilla Megaproject: Nigeria 36 years power project President Buhari dey beg China to help complete

Three Gorges Dam for China
Wetin we call dis foto,

Di Three Gorges Dam for China na di biggest hydropower plant for di world and na di Chinese go build Mambilla dam too

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday ask di Chinese goment to join hand with Nigeria to finish di Mambilla Hydropower Project wey suppose improve di light condition for di West African kontri.

Di koko be say di Mambilla project don take 36 years since dem begin build am.

Di Mambilla Hydropower Project, for Taraba State, na fit get di ansa to Nigeria light wahala because e go be di biggest water dam plant for di kontri - wey go produce more dan 3,000 megawatt electricity.

Wetin we call dis foto,

No be today pipo dey para say dem dey pay for light wey dem no dey see

Di megaproject go cost $5.8 billion - 85% of dat money na borrow money from China.

To understand how bad di light condition be for di kontri, na to borrow how Norway Ambassador to Nigeria Jens-Petter Kjemprud take tok am (to one local tori pipo). Im say "Norway dey produce 36,000 megawatts from hydropower for five million pipo meanwhile Nigeria dey produce 3,600 megawatts for 200 million pipo".

Pesin wey no be African no go understand why Mambilla project wey goment start for 1982 never complete for 2018, but to Nigerians, e no go too hard dem to reason.

More dan eight Nigerian presidents leave di project waka comot. President Muhammadu Buhari don get record as di only president to get two attempts to complete di Mambilla project - first time for 1983 and again for 2015.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

To get light wen goment no provide, na generator many Nigerians dey use for house, shop and office

Big Change, small change, all na change

Even though di power wey di Mambilla power project go carri come na only 3,000 megawatt di goment believe say tins go change well well for dia pipo.

Di kontri Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, for 2017, say di project wey go take six years to complete, "go ginger di supply of electricity all over di kontri, and also improve employment, tourism, technology, rural development, irrigation, agriculture and food production."

Simple mathematics go tell pesin say Mambilla no fit do pass to double Nigeria electricity supply. So, if pesin dey get 5 hours of light evriday, den e fit begin see 10 hours wen dem complete di project by 2022.

For many Nigerians, dat double amount of light na di kain change wey fit make one pesin begin sleep beta for night, and for odas e fit be di first time wey dem go ever take dia eyes see light.