Earth tremor in Abuja: Tins to know and how to dey safe

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis foto no be from Abuja Nigeria, but dis na how tremor fit tear ground

Earthquake tremors wey pipo wey dey Abuja don report so, no be something to take play and authority don comot tins to sabi and do to dey safe for di city.

Pipo wey dey live for some parts of Abuja, di Nigerian capital dey wonda wetin dey happun afta dia buildings shake small between Wednesday and Friday.

Di Friday own wey happun around six for early mor mor, make many pipo to enta social media begin ask wetin dey happun.

Goment authority for di capital FCT Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) don release safety information for pipo to follow wen di tremor shake shake begin.

  • Calm down and no panic
  • If you inside building, find room wey dey safe, bend down and take cover under table or desk and hold am tight. Make sure say you no dey near window or tins wey fit fall on top you
  • If you dey outside, find open area wey tall building, trees and electric poles no dey
  • If you dey inside inside car, slow down and drive go wia open ground plenti and stay dia until di shake shake stop

FEMA also say make residents no fear say ground go open because Nigeria no get di kain ground wey earthquake dey happun for. And say las las, di tremor shake shake go soon stop, so make pipo calm own and no fear.

Wetin be Earthquake Tremor?

Earthquake Tremor na wen ground begin shake because of some kain movement and release of energy inside di ground.

Stress inside rocks underground from activity like mineral mining na one major cause.

Tremor fit also mean small earthquake.

Wia dis foto come from, FEMA