Boko Haram don kidnap about 10 pipo for Borno State

woman wey siddon for gound

Wia dis foto come from, STEFAN HEUNIS

Wetin we call dis foto,

Boko Haram katakata don make many pipo begin live for camps like dis one for Pulka

Pipo wey dem suspect say be Boko Haram militants don kidnap between 6 and 10 pipo for Gwoza, Borno State northeast Nigeria. Pesin wey dey live for di area don tell BBC Pidgin.

Reuters tori pipo bin report say di pipo bin dey for one bus wey dey travel from Maiduguri, di capital of Borno State for northeast Nigeria dey go di town of Gwoza wey near di border wit Cameroon, late on Tuesday.

One man wey dey live for Gwoza wey follow BBC Pidgin tok say wetin dem hear na say di militants group stop three cars and one bus come cari six women go.

Im say Boko Haram also burn one of di cars, and e dey possible say dem kidnap more than six pipo.

Reuters say na between 10 and 20 pipo di militants kidnap and say na family member of one of di pipo dem kidnap, one senator and two military sources confam di tori give dem.

As dat wan dey happun, Nigeria Army say soldiers kill many Boko Haram members for Gesada village, Guzamala area for Borno State.

Army say di militants bin come di village to collect pipo money and tiff animals wey belong to di villagers.

Director of Army Public Relation Brig, Gen. Texas Chukwu say troops also return di 147 animals wey dem recover from Boko Haram for Matasari village to dia owners.