Earth tremor in Abuja: Pipo dey wonda why ground dey shake gbigbigbi for Nigeria capital

Zuma rock

Wia dis foto come from, MyLoupe

Wetin we call dis foto,

Zuma rock for Abuja

Pipo wey dey live for some parts of Abuja, di Nigerian capital dey wonda wetin dey happun afta dia buildings shake small between Wednesday and Friday.

Di Friday own wey happun around six for early mor mor, make many pipo to enta social media begin ask wetin dey happun.

Abuja wey dey for di north central part of di kontri, na area wey get many rocks and small small hills dem.

For some areas for di city, many pipo dey do illegal quarry bizness, wey be say dem go dey break dis rock dey sell.

Wetin be Earthquake Tremor?

Earthquake Tremor na wen ground begin shake because of some kain movement and release of energy inside di ground.

Stress inside rocks underground from activity like mineral mining na one major cause.

Tremor fit also mean small earthquake.

Wia dis foto come from, FEMA

Di areas wey e happun pass na for Mpape and Maitama areas, wia plenti of dis rock blasting dey happun pass.

Di Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) for di FCT, come tweet say make pipo no panic.