Ghana aphrodisiacs: 'Long journey, stone, commando plus oda herbal sex drugs fit give you infections

  • Thomas Naadi
  • BBC Ghana correspondent
Aphrodisiac seller

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Man for Kano State, nothern Nigeria wey dey sell natural sex melecine

Melecine wey fit make man strong for bed don dey popular among young pipo for Ghana. Dis melecine wey dem dey mostly sell for open market, men dey use am to make dem strong kakaraka for bed. Di tin be say sabi pipo don cut warning say e fit bad for health.

For Ghana, how man take perform for bed na part of im identity. So if wahala dey for dat area, no be wetin any man go wan tok about. In fact sef, dem dey call am 'udo Benada' wey mean say you no fit satisfy woman for bed. For many men, e dey embarrassing and dem don turn to dis melecine wey dem dey sell for road, to help diaself. Dem get interesting names like, 'Long journey, 'stone, and 'commando'.

Forty year old Nana Poku na one pesin wey dey use dis melecine dem.

Im say: "I don dey use am for di past 15 years. Some of di melecine go make you strong for bed. All of dem get di time period wey you suppose nack afta you take dem," im tok.

Im continue say im don use different types and say e get one wey im friend introduce to am, wey affect am well well, sotey im fear. "Afta I nack finish, I no fit control my erection. Fear really catch me. I gatz baff cold water to clam tins down."

Maybe more tori like wetin Nana Opoku experience fit make pipo make dem no dey take dis kain melecine. So BBC tori pesinThomas Naadi cari some of dem go di Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine to torchlight dem.

Wia dis foto come from, Nduka Orjinmo

Wetin we call dis foto,

Even for Nigeria, dia kain manpower melecine dey popular

Afta two weeks, di test results come out say dis melecine dem get bad bacteria dem inside and no dey safe. All of dem get aerobic microbials as well as yeasts and moulds. Di 2 powders contain E-coli and Staphylococcus bacteria. E-coli fit cause diarrhoea, pneumonia, breathing illness and urinary infections. Staphylococcus fit lead to skin infections, inflammation of di heart lining, septicaemia and abscesses.

Di oga scientist for di research centre, Dr Daniel Boamah say dis kain melecine wey dem dey sell witout label instructions and how to use take am, dey very dangerous, because you know sabi di quantity wey good for you.

"You no even sabi wetin dem take make am, weda e dey good or not. You no know weda na fake or artificial tins dem take make am. So any melecine wey no get official registration, e no dey safe to go near dat type," im tok.

Ghana Food and Drugs Authority say dem dey crack down on di pipo wey dey produce some of dis products... but e still dey easy to find dem. As long as pipo believe say dis kain natural tins wey dey make man strong for bed dey work, e be like dem go continue to dey buy dem - weda or not e dey risky.

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'Sex na normal thing'