Why Port Harcourt women threaten politicians to waka naked

  • Karina Igonikon
  • BBC News Pidgin, Port Harcourt
Wetin we call dis foto,

Port Harcout, women wey dey ginger say dem want re-election for 2015

Di tin wey happun to Kate Ohawhuru wen she go vote for Mile 3 area Port Harcourt southern Nigeria during di 2015 general elections neva still comot for her bodi.

And as anoda election dey come, fear dey catch her small small.

"Wen e reach my turn to vote, I notice say pipo wey wear uniform cari gun dey waka come di hall wey we dey. All di police pipo begin comot dia uniform run, evri scata as pipo begin run. As I dey run I come fall, one plank fall nack me for leg," she tell BBC Pidgin.

Na dat wan make her join oda women for Port Harcourt di Rivers State capital to do waka sake of di 2019 general elections wey dey come.

Di women wey from Rebisi Kingdom for Port Harcourt, cut serious warning give politicians say dem no want any kain katakata or election violence as tins don dey begin for di 2019 general elections.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Rebisi Kingdom dey for Rivers State capital Port Harcourt

Election violence for Rivers State

Afta di 2015 general elections for Rivers State, election tribunal bin cancel elections for some 21 federal and state legislative seats sake of di violence wey shele. Dis na im make Independent National Electoral Commission INEC come reschedule di rerun and supplementary elections to hold for 2017.

Dis rescheduling of election happun three different times for 2017 - January, March and December but all of dem get k-leg for di kain violence wey happun.

Las las for di 10 December 2017 rerun elections, Nigerian Police get to send 28,000 policemen to go conduct di elections and even dat one no stop violence to happun.

E neva tey wey for 18 August 2018, dem do Port Harcourt Constituency 3 by-election wey INEC suspend sake of shooting, ballot box snatching and tear gas.

Di women say di kain gbege wey happun for di Rivers State constituency by-election too much and say dem no want make dat kain tin happen again odawise dem go do as dia tradition demand come waka naked, cari dia bumbum rub for ground and anytin wey pipo see make dem take.

Nkechi Elikwu wey be one of di women leaders, say wetin dey pain dem pass na say di pikin dem of di politicians wey dey ginger di violence no dey ever follow for di gbege wen e happun, say na ordinary pipo pikin dem dey suffer but say dis time around e no go happun.

Dem cari dia demand give di chiefs for dia land as tradition demand. As na di warning dem suppose give before take dat kain action.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Nkechi Elikwu say politicians pikin dem no dey follow fight

Wetin e mean for Ikwerre women to protest naked

Nkechi Elikwu explain say for women to waka naked for Ikwerre culture na curse and e dey very bad because pipo no suppose see di nakedness of woman, especially married women for outside.

"For women to scrub dia bum bum for ground na di traditional way to take lay curse because evribodi both man and woman pass through woman come world and e no good for her to take am touch ground," she explain.

She say wen women gada give dis kain warning, di community dey always take am very serious to avoid di consequences wey dey always follow.