Monkeypox: Nigerian don cari first case of di disease enta United Kingdom


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Wetin we call dis foto,

Signs of monkey-pox na, fever, headache, muscle pain, back ache, cold and tiredness

Health authorities for United Kingdom don confam first case of Monkeypox for dia domot.

Public Health England (PHE) say na one Nigerian cari di disease from im kontri and dem dey treat am for di Royal Free Hospital for London.

Dis na first time dem go see dis kain sickness for di United Kingdom (UK).

Central and West African kontris na wia Monkeypox first show face, and di first time e enter Nigeria na for 1970s.

PHE don tok say dem go find all di pipo wey near dis pesin for im waka wey include passengers for im flight to UK to give dem informate and health advice.

Monkeypox na virus but di kain sickness e dey cause pipo fit recover afta few weeks but sometimes di sickness fit enta anoda level.

Sign of monkeypox include fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion

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Where e from come?

Na animals first carry di disease give human dem, e even hard to see person-wey transfer di disease give anoda person.

Di animal wey dey always carry di disease na squirrel, rat and sometimes, monkey.

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Bush meat na correct chop for Nigeria

How to avoid di disease?

To avoid monkeypox virus, sabi pipo dey advice say make pipo avoid bush meat and bush animals like squirrel, bush rat, monkey and oda wild animal, especially animals wey dey sick or die for area wia monkeypox disease happen.

Even sef, e good make pesin dey always wash hands wit soap and water afta pesin touch animals or sick family member.