Gudumbali: Nigerian army say na dem dey in charge afta militants attack Borno State town

Wetin we call dis foto,

Claim dey ground say military bin force pipo from IDP, make dem return to Gudumbali for June dis year

Nigerian army say na dem dey in charge of di north east town of Gudumbali for Borno State, afta militants attack dia for Friday night.

Pipo for ground say dozens of militants wey camouflage wit military uniform cari force enta di town, takeover di military base for dia wey make thousands of pipo run comot dia domot.

As tins dey, e no clear di number of pipo wey die or wunjure for di attack but Nigeria military dem claim say anybodi die.

Na for June dis year, pipo begin return to di town wey Boko Haram don attack before afta military give dem assurance say e dey safe.

Military claim say na by diasef pipo comot for IDP camp to return back to Gudumbali but tori pipo Reuters don tok say officials stop to dey give pipo chop if dem no return to dia hometown for Gudumbali.

Dis attack for Gudumbali na anoda sign say, di battle against Boko Haram neva finish.

For August, di militants claim say dem attack some military base for di north east and kill 48 soldiers including for Zari village, just 50 kilometres north west of Gudumbali.