SMWAccra 2018: Africa for be part of di next generation social media platforms

Social media week accra
Image example People full ground during di launch of Social Media Week Accra

Organisers for Social Media Week Accra say time catch say Africans go be part of di next generation of social media platforms den products.

Di theme for dis year Social Media Week for Ghana be "Its Closer."

Chief Operations Officer for Echo House, organisers of SMWAccra Bright Ayaaba talk BBC say di theme "It's closer" dey mean say Africa go dey part of di next generation of social media platforms den products.

Image example Bright Ayaaba, COO of Echo House

"E no be say everything come from white man, say Africa for fit do something take run wanaselves," e talk.

According to Mr Ayaaba, dis also mean say we dey connect everybody from every part of di world make dem share common ideas den tins.

He explain say now if you get idea, no be say you for wait 10 years, go through di chain or write some letter to some people before you go get reply. E be instant, you go fit 'DM' Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook or Instagram instantly. You go fit do anything you want.

Di launch of di event for Accra Mall on Monday be di first of chaw programs wey go happen from through to Friday.

BBC Pidgin go show face on Friday 14 August as part of di programme.

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