Kaduna villagers bin wan attack afta train jam over 50 cows

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Di Abuja - Kaduna train line na one of di busiest for Nigeria

Umar Musa wey be youth corper wey dey serve for Abuja don tell BBC News Pidgin say police wey follow dia train from Kaduna to Abuja shoot like five times for air afta Kasarami village pipo gada to attack train.

Di village pipo dey vex afta morning train kill over 50 cows and injure over 20 wey dey try cross to di oda side.

Musa yarn say dia train na im immediately follow di wan wey jam di cows and if not for dia police escort, di villagers ready to take laws into dia hands.

"Di train wey jam di cows na first train of di day and na our own be second. So by di time we dey come di villagers don gada for di scene dey wait but thankfully our police escorts fire some shots to scata di pipo if not as dem dey vex so, na only God know wetin for happun."

Mallam Yahaya Inuwa wey dey stay Kasarami tell BBC News Pidgin say no be small loss di train cause to di pipo wey get di cows dats why di villagers vex.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

"No be say we get plan to attack di train but we just wan express our anger over wetin happun, di kain loss wey pipo wey get dis animals suffer no be small tin."

BBC News Pidgin tok with both train managers for Abuja Hassan Zubairu and Kaduna Dauda Azi.

Abuja manager say wetin happun dey unfortunate because since wey dem start dis na di first time wey dis kain tin happun.

And Kaduna manager wey be say na from im station di tin happun say no compensation for di Fulani pipo because na dem break di law.

"Di place wey di tin happun dey a bit curvy and di Fulani's obviously new to di place dats why dem enta like dat. We no go pay any compensation because na dem break law, na dem be trespassers," im tok.