'Inheritance marriage' and oda tradition wey still dey happun to Nigerian women

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Image example For Nigeria, law recognise marriage under customary law

Despite say di world don make progress ontop women right mata, some kontris still dey struggle to meet up.

Sabi pipo say di best place to be woman for di world na kontri wey get beta law, wia women get access to education, dey make beta money come also get say for politics.

Although Nigeria no be one of di worst kontris to be woman for di world, human right pipo dem still dey cari placard ontop some customs and traditions wey dem say no just gel at all.

'Inheritance marriage'

For some part of Nigeria, na di practice for woman to marry her late husband broda if dem get pikin togeda.

One of di ethnic group dem wey dey practice am na di Urhobo pipo for south-south, Nigeria.

Di way e dey happun na say woman no dey only marry her husband, na di whole family. So wen dem dey pay di bride-price, di family dey return half wey mean say if di woman die di man must return am go bury for im papa house and if di man die di woman too still dey owe di family.

Afta di mourning period pass, dem go do di traditional will-writing. Di wife na part of di property of di man and so get to continue to remain as di 'family wife.'

But di woman get choice to pick di man she want from di family or if she no want she get choice to divorce di man wey don die already. Na only den she fit go on wit her life.

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'Woman no fit inherit property'

For 2014, Supreme court for Nigeria troway di ogbonge culture mostly for igboland, southeast of di kontri wia women no get right to inherit property for her papa house.

Dem say e no rhyme wit section 42(1) (a) and (2) of di 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.

But according to tori, na only ontop paper dat one dey happun.

If di property dey village and men dey di family, na serious gbege go happun and most times di woman no dey inherit anytin. But if di property dem dey outside village, di wife and daughters dem fit get chance to touch dem.

Under di Igbo Customary Law, woman no get right to inherit anytin. Dis one include both di daughter and widow of di man wey die.

Di woman get right though to continue to dey live inside her late husband house till she re-marry or die and dem no get right to comot her dia except dem give her anoda accommodation, but dis na as long as she continue to dey 'behave well'.

For some parts of northern Nigeria, women dey inherit property. But wia man dey, di man portion na two, woman own na one.

'Custom wia woman no dey marry'

For some communities for Ogoni, Rivers State south-south Nigeria, di oldest daughter or only daughter, 'Sira' no dey marry comot her papa house.

She go born pikin wit one or several men for di community to continue di papa name. Dis practice no dey compulsory but most times e dey happun wen dem no born boy pikin for di family.

E dey also happun for di Ikwerre pipo still for Rivers State, wey be say if na only woman pikin dem dey family, dem go select one wey go dey for house dey born, to continue di papa name.

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Image example Many tribes for Nigeria still dey practice FGM

'Female genital mutilation'

Some communities for Nigeria still dey practice female genital mutilation wia dem dey cut di clitoris of di woman comot.

For some communities for northern Nigeria, na wen dem born di girl pikin dem dey do am.

Tori be say dem dey cut small from di clitoris so dat di girl pikin no go dey 'waka waka' anyhow.

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