Email scam: Five reasons why pipo still dey fall mugu to yahoo boys

Police and di alleged ring leader Image copyright NSW Police
Image example Di pesin wey dem say na ring leader wen New South Wales Police hold am

Australia police arrest one Nigerian man on Friday wey dem accuse say dey run multi-million dollar yahoo yahoo work from immigration cell wia dem keep am.

Di man and im gang dey send fake emails to pipo wey think say di messages come from real companies.

Police say di gang collect up to 2.2 million dollars from scam and dem dey send am go Nigeria.

Why plenti pipo still dey fall mugu ontop yahoo boys mata

Upon say yahoo yahoo business don dey popular all ova di world, e be like plenti pipo still dey fall victim to dem.

Bad governance / hardship

Christopher James wey be criminology expert for Institute of Criminology and Penology, Lagos tell BBC Pidgin say na condition of tins for Nigeria make pipo to dey look for wia to make moni and sake of dis one dem still dey fall victim to bad pipo.

"For evri family now, plenti graduates dey but many of dem no get job. Some dey collect 15, 000 naira a month. If you tell dem say see wia and how you go make big moni, dem go follow you".


Police tok tok pesin for Lagos state south west Nigeria Chike Otti say na greed dey cause am.

Im say plenti pipo eye dey open if dem see email wey dey promise dem big money, dem go just enta am.

Some want to dey show say dia own beta pass odas, so dem go do anytin to make more moni no mata di risk, so dat dem go follow politicians to dey spray moni anyhow.


Oga Lames say "plenti pipo no dey ready again to sweat to make moni, so once dem see wia dem fit make big moni dem go rush am".

Dat na why plenti pipo dey fall victim to internet fraud.

Poor Informate

E get some pipo wey no dey informed and say knowlege about yahoo boys no dey enough, di expert add. E say dem suppose tell pipo more about am.

"Plenti pipo no go school and dem no sabi, dem just dey find how to survive".

Fake news

"Plenti pipo no dey double check info wey yahoo boys dey send give dem, dem go just reply. Di boys dey enta pipo wey dey greedy".

If anybody send you all dose email, try tok to pipo to help double check am".

Christopher James say "pipo wey no dey pursue money anyhow na pipo wey school don open dia eyes".

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Sydney's high-security Villawood Immigration Detention Centre

Australia police don warn pipo and companies to shine dia eyes anytime dem see any email wey wan make dem transfer moni.

Na for Villamond Immigration Detention Centre dis yahoo-yahoo gang from dey operate. Dem use 16 phone and 17 sim cards dey send di messages, according to di police.

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