10 funny names Nigerians dey give cars

Volkswagen Beetle Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis Volkswagen 1952 car model name na Beetle but for Naija na tortoise car

Nigerians sabi laugh and even di way di kontri pipo dey name cars go make you laugh till you begin wonder.

Most cars wey popular well-well for Nigeria dey always end up wit special name and dis names dey come from how di car be or di kain tori wey dey surround di car.

One small group of pipo go just give di car any name wey dem like, before you know wetin dey happen, e don spread reach evriwia.

Toyota cars full evriwia for Nigerian roads so e make sense to expect say some of dem go get dis funny names.

1. Camry 1995 - 'Orobo' Orobo na di Pidgin word for pesin wey fat.

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For those days, Toyota cars no dey too big like dat but dis brand na im mark di introduction of 'fat' Toyota cars inside market.

2. Camry 1999 - Pencil

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Dis brand get im name from di slim, long shape of di car.

3. Camry 2004 - 'Big Daddy/Big for Nothing'

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E be like Nigerians no too happy wit di 'fatness' of dis car wey make dem vex call am 'big for nothing' or 'big daddy'. Pipo feel say di car get too much space wey just dey waste.

One mechanic say na becos e no carri di kain gadgets wey big cars like dat dey carri, so e just big for nothing.

4. Camry 2007 - 'Muscle'

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Di curves wey dey dis beauty bodi bad like woman wey get figure 8 sotay Nigerians name di car Toyota Muscle.

Di Honda brands follow enta dis level.

5. Honda Accord 1998 - 'Baby Boy'

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Tori be say Tyrese Gibson na one of di pipo wey make begin call dis car Baby boy afta im cruise am for im 2001 'Baby Boy' feem. Afta di feem reign, kontri pipo begin call dis Honda Accord model baby boy.

6. Honda Accord 2003 - 'End of discussion'

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Some pipo bin dey call dis car "Iv-Tech" but na still di End of discussion name totori pipo pass afta di advert Honda use sell di car.

Di slogan of di advert dat year na, "Di new Honda Accord, End of discussion".

Even Nigerian singer MI Abaga drop one song about di car for im Fast Money Fast Cars 2008 hit single wia im feature Wizkid: "She said what you driving baby boy cause an End of Discussion will signal end of discussion", na di line di rapper drop.

7. Honda Accord 2006 -2010 - 'Discussion continues'

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Dis na di car Honda release for dia Accord series afta di "End of discussion". If discussion neva really finish, wetin go happen?

8. Honda Accord 2012 - 'Evil Spirit'

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No fear, dis car no get any winchy-winchy, na di headlamp wey get evil look make pipo dey call am Evil Spirit.

Even some of di cars wey our papa and mama dem use for di get some of dis nicknames too.

9. 1982 Mercedes Benz 200E- 'V-boot'

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If your parent get dis car those days, den na you be di biggest baller for your street. Dem name dis car V-boot because di boot get V shape.

10. Any SUV - 'Jeep'

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Jeep na brand of car but most Nigerians no wan know dat one. Any car wey be Sport Utility Vehicle na Jeep kontri man dey call am.

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