HSBC: ‘No give fake prophesy about 2019, just return our money’ – Nigeria

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Image example Nigeria goment say HSBC no qualify to tok about di kontri election, say dia hand no clean

Nigeria goment don tell ogbonge global bank HSBC make dem no dey do fake prophecy about di kontri 2019 election, instead make dem return di kontri loot money wey dem help tiff.

Di goment dey react to one HSBC report wey say if President Muhammadu Buhari win second term, Nigeria economy no go grow.

For statement wey special assistant to president Garba Shehu sign on Saturday, gi goment accuse HSBC say dia hand no clean for di Abacha loot money wey dey in millions of dollars.

Di statement say HSBC just dey vex ontop how President Muhammadu Buhari goment take pursue corruption for di kontri and dem no see how to gain from di kontri money again.

"Our investigation agencies believe say HSBC follow launder money wey pass hundred million US dollars for late General Sani Abacha in Jersey, Paris, London and Geneva".

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Image example HSBC say Buhari second tenure fit make Nigeria econony no grow

Dem say some of di account numbers wey dem dey use loot money include "AC: S-104460 HSBC Fund Admin Ltd. Jersey ($12,000,000); AC 37060762 HSBC Life (Europe), U.K ($20,000,000) and AC: 38175076 HSBC Bank Plc. U.K ($1,600,000)".

President special assistant say state and federal authorities for US bin force di bank to pay back $1.92 billion to settle money laundering charges.

"Hong Kong also sama di bank fine wey reach $1.2 billion" na Garba Shehu tok.

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