''40% of world poverty by 2050 go comot from Nigeria and DR Congo alone'' - Bill Gates Foundation

Poverty in Nigeria

America biggest private aid donor Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation don release report wey tok say for 2050, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo alone go supply 40 per cent of di poorest pipo for world.

Na for dia Goalkeepers report wey dey comot evri year, di Foundation calculate say as population for world dey increase evri year, na so so katatakata e go bring come for development.

Billionaire Bill Gates tok say di way forward na for rich kontris, wey get mind to fight dis poverty, to invest money for health and education in Africa.

According to Gates, Africa most important weapon to fight dis wahala na e human capital wey boku, so na youth dem for Africa dis investment suppose land for dia head.

Di report add put say, ''if di investments dey on point, youth dem for Africa go contribute inside di economy wella and population go reduce just like e dey happun for oda kontris wey don get dis kain wahala before''.

Nigeria wey sabi pipo dey tok say e population go double by 2050 don already dey face claim say life no easy for millions of Nigerians.

Brookings Institution wey be nonprofit public policy organisation for America bin cari report for June dis year say Nigeria don overtake India as di kontri wey get di highest number of poor pipo for 2018.

Brookings say na evri minute six pipo dey enta poverty for Nigeria. Di report tok say na 87 million pipo poverty dey wori for di kontri but goment for Nigeria condemn di report.

But sign say Nigerians dey struggle true true to eat evri day full ground as work scarce, money dey slow to enta and di number of legal and illegal migration to America and Europe dey increase more and more.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and France President Emmanuel Macron don visit Nigeria dis year and migration dey for dia agenda wen dem sidon do meeting wit oga Buhari for Abuja, Nigeria capital.

Dis no be di first time Bill Gates go cari Nigeria mata for im head. For im March visit to Nigeria dis year, Gates sound serious warning to room wey full of big goment pipo wey include Presido Muhammadu Buhari.

Gates tell dem make dem shine eye wella on top di wahala of development wey dey face Nigeria, say if dem wan make di kontri grow make dem invest in human capital pass physical capital.