Fibroid: Eight shocking tins wey fit make woman to get dis tumour for belle

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Image example Uterine fibroma, drawing

One research don show say fibroid dey affect 3 to 10% of women between di age 25 and 50 years for Nigeria.

Na sabi pipo do di research for Teaching Hospitals inside Calabar, Port Harcourt and Enugu southern Nigeria.

''Fibroid na di most common tumour wey dey grow inside women belle well-well for Nigeria'' according to wetin Dr Ugwu Brown, wey be senior Registrar for Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital tell BBC News Pidgin.

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Things wey fit cause Fibroid inside woman belle

Nobodi know exactly wetin dey cause di disease wey dey affect women within di reproductive age but sabi pipo say e get certain factors wey fit put woman at risk.

1. Race: Black women get high chance to get fibroid pass women from oda race groups. Black women dey get fibroid for very young age.

2. Heredity: If your mama or sister get fibroid you dey at risk to get di disease.

3. Girls wey start to menstruate early: Women wey begin menstruate before di age of 11 dey likely to develop fibroids compared to women wey begin menstruate afta di age of 13.

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Image example Doctors dey use Ultrasound scan check weda woman don get Fibriod.

4. Obesity: Fibroid growth dey trigger estrogen, wey go produce excess belle fat. Dis one mean say pesin wey too fat dey at risk to get fibroid, wey fit make di pesin to add more weight.

5. No history of pregnancy: Woman wey delay to born pikin dey at risk to get fibroid.

6. Diabetes: Woman wey blood sugar level dey high dey at risk to get fibroid.

Image example Dr Brown say women fit reduce di risk of getting fibroid if dem make healthy lifestyle choices cut down on caffeine, control diabetes and hypertension, work on dia weight to avoid obesity and avoid to born pikin late.

7. Hypertension: Woman wey get high blood pressure dey at risk to get fibroid.

8. Women wey get PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome: Dis na serious condition for some women wey no dey see dia period sometimes or even at all.

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Image example Fibroid na disease wey dey affect black women


Di symptoms depend on di size, number and location of di fibroid for di womb. But many women wey get fibroid no dey get any symptoms dat na wetin Dr Brown add put.

Di common symptoms na

Menstrual problems like heavy menses, prolonged menses, painful menses. Atimes di flow go dey too heavy di woman go need blood transfusion.


Pelvic or abdominal pain.

Constipation and enlarged Kidneys

Serious pain for early pregnancy.

Frequent urination, difficulty to urinate and painful poo poo.

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Image example Uterine Fibriod

How to treat fibroid

Treatment depend on di woman age, if she still want pikin, size and location of di fibroid for di womb.

Di definitive treatment na hysterectomy, dis one na to remove di womb patapata, but generally, treatment na either medical or surgery.

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