Mercy Aigbe: Why pipo dey feel say artists for Nollywood dey do runs?

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe don chop abuse for internet unto her new house wey some pipo dey claim say na runs work build am. BBC Pidgin ask why e dey be so.
Image example Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe don chop abuse for internet unto her new house wey some pipo dey claim say na runs work build am. BBC Pidgin ask why e dey be so.

One sweet achievement for dis life wey pipo all over di world dey like to celebrate wella na wen dem buy dia first house.

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe wey just enta dis ogbonge category afta she tear rubber for her first house suppose dey jolli wit champagne but she dey vex like thunder.

Wetin dey vex Aigbe na how some pipo for social media don accuse am say no be her sweat and blood she take use buy di house, instead na sugar daddy bless her ministry cari go di permanent site, sumtin wey she don deny since.

Aigbe cari yan go Instagam say, ''no one dey see my late night shoots...almost 15 years wey l dey act, l buy house and dem dey see am as big deal''.

''Dem try join me wit evri rich man wey dem sabi to my success unto say dem no fit understand how woman fit blow,'' na so Aigbe tok.

Nollywood na proper film industry or runs industry?

Mildred Okwo, wey be ogbonge movie and TV producer for Nollywood and manager of artists like Rita Dominic, say different category of pipo dey enta di feem industry and for different reasons.

Okwo tok tell BBC Pidgin say, ''We get pipo wey join di industry sake of say dis feem tin dey shack dem for head, and you go know dem because natural talent dey comot wella for dia bodi''.

She say, ''Pesin no fit wake up and just buy house just like dat if im way pure.''

Image copyright Mildred Okwo/Facebook
Image example Feem producer Mildred Okwo

Actress and actor dem dey make money for Nollywood?

Di answer to dis kweshun na 'Yes', according Okwo. Nollywood moni fit buy some actors/actresses house and motor, two motor sef afta some years inside di industry but no be all actors, sake of say levels dey.

Okwo say, ''As Nollywood be, wen actor or actresses dem do movie wey sell wella, dia career go also blow unto say producers go dey find dem make dem come act for inside dia next movie.''

''Producers fit book you for three or four movie jobs and send some millions enta your account'', na so she tok.

Image copyright @realmercyaigbe/Instagram
Image example Mercy tear rubber house

Endorsement of major brands na anoda way big stars dey chop money clean mouth.

But she gree say no be evri actor get dis kain muscle and dat na why some of dem fit get side hustle wey no dey illegal like trade.

Even di actors wey dey collect money today, she advice say suppose dey invest as insurance for future.

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Image example Rita Dominic (right) na one of di big actresses for Nollywood

Why be say na actors and actresses dem dia personal mata dey spread pass

No be today actors and actresses don dey chop abuse say dem dey do runs alongside dia feem work.

Genevieve Nnaji, Chidi Mokeme, Jim Iyke, Nkiru Sylvanus, Chika Ike and Monalisa Chinda na just some of di performers wey rumour don spread say dem get sugar daddy or sugar mummy.

Egharevba Matthew, wey be Associate Professor of Sociology for Covenant University Ota, Ogun state, tell BBC Pidgin say first of all na evribodi sabi practitioners wey dey act inside movie unto say dis kain work na for public eye e dey, so dem no fit hide.

Image copyright @realmercyaigbe/Instagram
Image example Actress Mercy Aigbe

Prof Matthew tok say sake of dis, e dey easy make pipo dey chook mouth inside different part of dia personal business including wia dia moni from come.

Prof Matthew add put say, ''since culture and tradition for dis corner of world dey target women pass, e normal make pipo dey abuse dem wen dem begin progress''.

''Even if actors and actresses dey sell dia bodi sef, odas dey wey dey do worse but since we no dey see dem, dem no dey chop abuse'' na so Prof Matthew tok.

Im still tok say if you be popular pesin, no how pipo no go tok about you but make Aigbe no send wetin pipo dey tok about am as long as she use pure way get her house.

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