Tanzania don ban Nigeria from 'visa on arrival

Zanzibar beach.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Zanzibar beach na one of di top places Nigerians dey like visit for Tanzania

Nigeria don join list of kontris wey no fit get visa on arrival to enta Tanzania.

Before now, Nigerians fit just carry waka go Tanzania and dem go collect dia visa once dem reach di kontri but all dat one don change now.

Some Nigerians wey dey travel wella enta social media to tok how dis latest informate dey pain dem.

One Nigerian man wey no gree make we mention im name, tell BBC News Pidgin say di tin happun to am korokoro.

E say as e reach airport for Tanzania dis morning, authorities gbab am, say why e no hold visa. E tell dem say im tink say dem go give am Tanzania visa on arrival as dem dey do before.

After plenti-plenti, dem later give di man visa but as at wen im comot dia, authorities dey threaten to deport di oda Nigerians wey no get visa.

Zanzibar na one of di main cities for Tanzania wey Nigerians dey like go jolly so dis new rule fit make am hard for pipo wey wan go di kontri.

Some oda kontris wey di visa on arrival ban affect na Mali, Niger, Yemen and Somalia

BBC Pidgin don find di Tanzania embassy for Nigeria and Tanzania immigration but dem no answer.

We go dey update you once new informate land.