We di check who dey behind Cameroon 'fake' TI election observers - Charles Nguini

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Image example Maurice Kamto kampto don already declare imsef as winner of di 2018 presidential elections for Cameroon but e no give number

Me Charles Nguini, Cameroon Transparency International, TI representative, (organ weh e di fight corruption for world), say deh di still check deh who bi behind de pipo weh deh try for use TI e name say deh be dia observers.

"Wen we hear say some TI observers dey, we try for verify with we head office and deh say no and na so we komot release for say we no get connection with de observers", Nguini tell BBC News Pidgin.

"We train pipo for use we system for monitor elections and deh no di claim say deh di work with we, so we still get shock about claim say deh di be we observer", Me Charles Nguini tok.

Procedure for observe election na for ask for accreditation form ministry for territorial administration, but TI only sponsor some organisations for Yaoundé, Douala and Buea for observe election, e add.

For now TI no fit tok about elections as deh di wait for reports from de three zones Yaounde Douala and Buea and from dia system for monitor elections.

Na Agence Cameroun Presse invite dem for Cameroon but no tell dem say no bi for TI weh e train dem deh di observe election, de pipo dem tok.

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Image example TI say e nova send any observer for Cameroon elections

For e website TI say e nova send any observer for Cameroon, say deh pipo weh deh show for national television no bi dia pipo and no di tok for dia organisation e name.

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Image example Paul Biya dey hope to win election to rule for di seventh term

TI direct Patricia Moreira, say, "we nova send any international observer mission for Cameroon as we get mechanism for cover de election for ground and no bi part for official observer mission.

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Image example Many pipo for di Anglophone area of Cameroon no gree come out to vote

For use we name wrongly no bi correct, for dis taim TI and TI Cameroon di call for media and oda parties for act with responsibility for communicate election results.

Deh pipo get protection from Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR as deh see dem for some picture weh e di show say goment know dem and na ministry for territorial administration di give accreditation for election observers for October 7 elections.

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