Di Nigerian city wey if you be single lady, you no fit waka for night

Single ladies wey dem arrest for Hisbah station

On Tuesday 9 October for Kano, wey dey northern Nigeria, some single ladies dey waka jeje go house wen di state religious police, Hisbah, gbab dem.

Dem accuse di ladies say, if dem no be prostitute, why dem dey waka alone afta 8pm?

Na so di ladies find diasef inside prison and na dia dem sleep overnight until dia relatives come carri dem for Wednesday morning.

For di state, di Sharia wey dem dey do mean say law dey wey ban single ladies to dey waka afta 8pm.

Di ladies wey Hisbah hold tell BBC News Pidgin say na lie say dem dey do prostitute work.

One of di ladies tok say her friend call am say she no well and na her place she dey go before di religious police show.

"I just leave house to visit my friend wey dey stay anoda area and as I dey road dey wait for Keke na im Hisbah pipo arrest me. I no be prostitute."

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Image example For 2013, Hisbah shake ground wella wen dem start to dey arrest men and women for di kain dress wey dem wear and hairstyle wey dem carri for head

Hisbah tok-tok pesin, Mallam Adamu Yahaya, say na dia work to dey arrest girls wey dey roam about town alone as dem fit be prostitute.

"Evri day our men dey go around dey look for dis kain girls wey no dey hear word and dey roam about. If afta arrest we confam say she no be prostitute, we go release her."

Mallam Yahaya tok say di girls dey always find customers but dem go tok say na somtin else carri dem comot for house for night.

E say na popular area wey ashawo dey stay na dia dem gbab di ladies and dem no fit explain wetin dem dey find dia.

Chapter 4 Section 41 for Nigeria constitution tok say evri citizen get right to freedom of movement wey mean say anybodi fit go anywhere wey e like and nobodi suppose hold am.

But Hisbah say den know say freedom of movement dey constitution but di law wey dey ground for Kano give dem right to arrest di ladies.

Mallam Yahaya tok say after dem catch pesin and e prove say e no be prostitute, dem go release am.

But di broda of one di girls wey dem arrest, wey come bail im sister from prison di next day, tell BBC Pidgin say na so Hisbah dey arrest innocent pipo.

"Make dem dey investigate well before dem arrests because e no good make innocent pesin we get wia e de go to spend di night under arrest."

Image example Nigeria police for Kano say dem sabi di work wey Hisbah dey do and di two no dey clash

Human Rights lawyer, Barrister Sani Umar, say evri pesin get right to move around as far as e no commit crime and e no be threat to peace.

"I know say na law enable dia work but na also dat law give individuals freedom to move as far as dem no constitute threat to peace or nuisance. So make dem dey investigate well before making arrests."

But Hisbah tok say dem no dey hold pesin pass di time wey Nigeria law allow.

Mallam Yahaya say dem dey inform di relatives of any ladie wey dem arrest and e no dey pass di next morning wey dem go release am.

"For those wey no be Kano state indigenes, we dey carri dem go motor park, pay for dia transport fare to dia state."

Kano Police Command tok-tok pesin, Musa Majia, tok say dem sabi di work wey Hisbah dey do and dem dey collabo wit di religious agency.

"We understand each oda work and we no dey clash at all. Di work wey concern dem we go give dem and one wey be our own dem dey send give us."

Hisbah tok say dem get policeman wey dey permanent posting for dia domot.

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