How to: 5 ways you fit cope and no tear meat for five days

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Di value wey meat get for Africa dey very high as many dey look am as 'important personality' for any Africa food, sotey one Pidgin proverb say no be eye wey dem take chop eba dem dey use take share meat.

But tins don dey change small- small as some few pipo for Africa don dey avoid meat, fish, seafood and odas for dia food even though some of dem say dem no be vegetarian.

But some pipo get reason why dem no dey chop meat -weda na because of health or religious reason. You be dat kain pesin?

"If you dey like make your food get plenti colour inside, try make you enjoy am, get colourful vegetables, you like to fry am, if you like to boil am, you fit do anytin you want."

Na Ese Ejoor, food nutritionist wey I follow yan, sama me dis suggestion.

How you fit start 'no meat food'

  • Always cook your own food. Wen pesin make sure im no dey chop for outside, all those meat stock and odas no go enta im food, e no get di temptation to chop meat too.
  • Before you go out for any social events, e go dey good make you chop for house because hunger fit make you go chop food wey dem use meat cook.
  • Replace meat wit oda alternative inside your food like; Tofu, eggplant, mushroom and odas.
  • Find creative ways to dey cook your meal. For example you fit still fry noodles witout chicken even if you bin like to dey do am wit chicken before.
  • Wen you dey serious about di plan to avoid meat, comot anytin like meat from your fridge and house.
Image example No meat dey inside dis Efo wit mushrooms and rice

According to research, if pesin want to avoid meat for im food, make e make sure say e still dey get enough protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 from wetin e dey chop.

Try to buy and tins like fruits, vegetables, leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards, whole grains (brown and wild rice, oats, quinoa and odas.

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