Fayose: Five tins wey Nigerians go miss about di former Ekiti govnor

Ayo Fayose Image copyright @GovAyoFayose

EFCC, I dey here! Na wetin former Ekiti govnor, Ayodele Fayose, write for im shirt as e land for di office of Nigeria anti-corruption agency.

Mr Fayose don finish im term as govnor of di southwestern state and Dr Kayode Fayemi don do swearing-in on Tuesday 16 October.

Di former govnor dey popular for Nigeria sake of di plenti drama wey e dey act.

If im no climb okada today, im go attack President Muhammadu Buhari tomorrow.

Di latest drama now na di kwanta wey im dey face wit di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

But as Mr Fayose no dey run tins again and immunity wey im get don expire like two-day old gala, e possible say Nigerians no go dey see di drama wey di former govnor dey sama kontri pipo again?

Dis na five tins wey pipo go miss about Ayo Fayose.

Buka parole don finish?

Before, e possible say you fit dey your favourite buka dey wait as dem dey arrange your normal Amala and draw soup, and oga Fayose go just appear for your side dey arrange im own.

Or, you dey market to buy kpomo and you just see say you dey follow drag price wit anoda customer - Mr Fayose!

All dat one still dey possible or e don end?

Hello...hoga govnor...hi haff complain

Evribodi know say to meet or tok to govnor for Nigeria be like pesin wey dey target Jamb cut-off mark.

But for Ekiti pipo, e sure die say dem go miss how dem fit just carri phone, call dia govnor anytime.

Image example Mr Fayose dey cry as e dey accuse goment say dem use police manhandle am for Ekiti election

Road closed! For political reason

Oga Fayose na pesin wey no dey waist time to enta one trouser wit anybodi wey wan try am. And e no dey mind di kain trouser sef - weda na jeans, lace or corduroy.

Nigerians go remember how all di road wey enta Ekiti state dey nack padlock anytime wey political kwanta land wit opposition party or wit state house of assembly members.

Okada rider

One of di pipo wey go miss di former govnor pass na okada pipo. Dem go miss how dem bin dey follow Mr Fayose convoy.

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Image example President Buhari no go miss di plenti yabis wey Mr Fayose dey always yab am

Buhari Bumper-to-bumper

E possible say na Mr Fayose dey yab President Buhari pass among opposition pipo.

Di former govnor no dey hide mouth or face anytime wey im feel say oga presido way no pure.

Nigerians no go forget how Mr Fayose trace Mr Buhari go abroad just to yab am sake of say im dey go borrow money.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori