Hauwa Liman papa no regret say im pikin wey Islamic Militants kill go work for dangerous area

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Image example Hauwa Liman bin dey work for Rann, Borno State for north east Nigeria wen militants catch her

Di papa of midwife Hauwa Liman wey militant Islamists bin kill, say she do well for di community wia she dey work and im no regret as im let her go dat kain dangerous area.

One branch of Boko Haram militants - di Islamic State of West Africa Group (Iswap), on Monday bin kill 24-years old Liman 24 because goment no gree wetin dem tok and say she don "abandon" Islam as she work for di International Committee of di Red Cross (ICRC).

For interview wit AFP tori pipo, Mohammed Liman say: "Hauwa na correct midwife wey dem train, we decide say she go dia to help pipo wey need her work bad-bad," im tok.

"Rann na also her house, her uncle and aunty still live dia. She really do well for di community for di 10 days she serve for Rann.

Papa Liman also accuse di militants of red eye, say dem don already "make up dia mind to kill Hauwa and Saifura no mata di effort to save dem".

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Image example Mohammed Liman

Dem still dey hold anoda aid worker, Alice Loksha wey dey work for Unicef and one Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu wey dem kidnap for February for Dapchi, Yobe state.

Papa Liman kontinu say: "I no sabi which kain Islam di killers of Hauwa and Saifura dey practise. I no know wia dem learn say to work for ICRC and Unicef na wetin dey suppose use kill you."

"I pray to Allah for Alice and Leah make dem release dem. Dem dey for our mind and prayers."

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