I wan make dem hear my voice - BBC Pidgin essay competition winner

Izeowayi Izaza Victor

Izeowayi Izaza Victor don win di first edition of di BBC News Pidgin essay competition wey dem title "Africa youth don dey ready for political leadership?''

Izeowayi wey be 21 years old and come from Rivers State Nigeria dey study Marketing for University of Port Harcourt.

Im be strong writer, poet and football fan and want make Nigerian youth dey also put body for goment.

Izeowayi go read out im essay give audience wey BBC News Pidgin invite as e dey collect im award during di ceremony wey dem wan do 22 October for Ikeja, Lagos.

18 Young pipo from Africa wey also get correct talent, na im submit dia essay for di competition wey Izeowayi win.

Image example Mr Soyinka dey hope say Pidgin fit contribute give students wey learn for school

Izeowayi focus on how Africa dey produce leaders wey be 70 years and above but get like 60 per cent of youth for dia population.

Im essay include ogbonge tins wey lead to dis kain palava:

  • Pipo no dey get interest for Politics
  • Young pipo like material tins like money and odas well-well.
  • Young pipo no dey united.
  • pipo no too go school.

Izeowayi tok say im enta di competition because e want make dem hear im voice as young pesin inside Africa.

"When I first hear about di competition, I challenge mysef. Dis na di first essay I don write for di language wey I love."

"As I hear di informate , I no fit tok anytin, e be like make I cry. I dey very grateful to BBC for dis ogbonge honour."

Image example Na August 21 2017 BBC launch Pidgin Service

Dis na di first time BBC News Pidgin dey arrange dis essay competition wey dem wan continue to dey do evri year.

Dem do am to make di world know say Pidgin dey sweet well-well for writing.

Oga for BBC Pidgin Service, Adejuwon Soyinka, say im dey happy dis essay competition go make young pipo for West and Central Africa learn di culture to dey write in Pidgin.

While Oga Madam for World Service West Africa Languages, Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye dey hope di competition go give young pipo chance to chook mouth for mata wey concern dem.

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