Kah Walla: I dey under illegal house arrest as 30 policemen surround my house

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Image example Kah Walla say maybe goment tink say na her party organise march about constitutional court decision on presidential election

Kah Walla wey be political leader for Cameroon, say policemen don surround her house on Sunday and no wan let her comot.

Kah Walla na president of Cameroon People's Party (CPP) and she tell BBC Pidgin say around 10am on Sunday morning, policemen wey reach about 30 come block her gate.

"Na my pikin dem wey dey comot discover say di police pipo dem dey so dem come call me as fear dey catch dem. I go tok wit di police pipo dem.

"Big march suppose happun for Cameroon today because of di decision of di constitutional court on di presidential elections and I tink say dem feel say my party go join for di protest na im make dem come surround my house," she tok.

BBC Pidgin speak to Issa Tchiroma Bakary wey be Cameroon Minister of Communication to find out why di police dey madam Walla house, and im say na for her own protection.

"No be mata of surrounding, na to do wetin dey necessary to protect her and to prevent bad pipo wey go wan attack her. Wen goment hear say plot or sting fit happun, goment take steps to protect her, just dat," im tok.

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Wen BBC Pidgin ask am how e be say goment send police to her house to protect her and she no even know anytin about am, oga Bakary say: "She tell you say dem beat her? I suppose tell you wetin goment dey do to protect e own citizen?" Im ask our tori pesin.

"She be political leader, she be opinion maker. If sometin bad happun to her right now, tori pipo go blame goment. Dat na why we make plans to protect her and any oda pipo wey fit be target of bad pipo," im tok.

Wen we ask am weda dem send police to go protect oda political leaders for Cameroon, im say "why I suppose ansa dat one?" Im also no tok wen di protection go end.

As at 14:32 Nigerian time wen we follow Kah Walla tok, she say di policemen bin still dey her house, and say she dey "under illegal house arrest".

"Dem tell me say dem get order say I no suppose to comot," she tok.

"Di goment dey waste dia time, Cameroonians don decide say Paul Biya must go. We dey call on all Cameroonians wey believe say dis suffer wey we dey inside since 36 years now e must end. And e must end in a non-violent manner", she tok.

Cameroon Constitutional Court bin troway 18 petitions wey follow di presidential elections and according to law, dem get until 22 October to declare di results of di election.

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