Cameroon President Paul Biya don win for seventh term

Paul Biya Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Paul Biya na di second president wey Cameroon don eva get

Election join-bodi for Cameroon don announce Paul Biya as di winner of di 2018 presidential election.

Biya wey be di current president of Cameroon don rule di kontri for 35 years and dis go make am im seventh term for office.

President Biya go rule di kontri for anoda 7 years wey be from 2018 reach 2025. By di end of dis im seventh term, e go don reach 92 years.

Oga Biya, na im be head of state wey old pass for Africa and im use wide gap take win, according to official results.

Opposition bin don say make dem do re-run of di presidential election but di Constitutional Council reject am last week.

Dem neva officially declare am di winner, but dem don announce results for all di 10 regions for di kontri - im get pass 70% of di vote for seven regions and only lose one.

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