Nigeria 2019 election: INEC go display face of evri pesin wey qualify to vote on Nov. 6

Pipo dey check for dia names during elections

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Di election join-bodi for Nigeria - Independent National Electoral Commission - INEC Friday announce say dem go display voter register for voting units for one week from November 6.

INEC Chairmo Prof. Mahmood Yakubu wey make di announcement say dis go allow di public to see whether mistake dey for dia information or to check for anybodi body wey fit don die.

Di public go get opportunity from 6 - 12 November, 2018 to check whether mistake for name, foto, age and does kain tins dey inside dia informate, 3 months before di 2019 general elections.

Dis process na normal one wey electoral joinbodi dey do so dat mago-mago go reduce inside election. Dis go give pipo chance to hala if sointin no correct so dat INEC go change am sharpaly.

As for now, INEC no get way for pipo to take report anytin wey dem see say no correct, but di joinbodi say dem dey work on am.

Wetin we call dis foto,

INEC don also announce say candidates from all political parties must bring dia school certificates come for dem to see