US mail-bombings: America don name, arrest suspect wey send explosive to Clinton, Obama and CNN

Package addressed to James Clapper

Wia dis foto come from, CBS

America police don name di suspect wey dem arrest on top di mail-bomb wey pipo dey see up and dan as many pipo believe say only pipo wey dey against Trump critics dey get am.

US officials announce say di man wey be 56 years old na Cesar Sayoc be im name and more arrests fit follow.

Twelve packages na im ogbonge pipo like former president Barack Obama and actor Robert de Niro receive neva too tey.

Di latest two mail -bomb, na for Florida and New York City dem see am on Friday.

One White House official tok say dem don tell President Donald Trump about di arrest wey dem make concerning dis mail-bomb package.

White House chief of staff, John Kelly na im brief di Presido.