Brazil 6 - 0 Nigeria: 'Na experience wey no dey' - Amputee Football assistant coach

Nigeria's amputee football team in Mexico

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Some of Nigeria's amputee football team only arrived in Mexico hours before the start of the 2018 World Cup

Assistant Coach for di Nigeria Amputee football team Gbenga Dosunmu, don blame experience wey im team no get for di disappointing performance during match day one of di Amputee Football World Cup.

'Special Eagles' - di name wey di Nigeria Amputee team dey call demsef - chop 6 goals for di hands of Brazil during dia first game for di competition wey shele for Mexico on Sunday but Dosunmu tell BBC say so many tins involve for why Nigeria no even fit score one goal back.

Lack of experience na one. E say tins like equipment wey no too complete, sef follow as tins wey fit affect team.

"Dem dey intimidated... first time wey di team go follow oyinbo team play, e be like dia heart cut small," tok Dosunmu from Nigeria.

Di assistant coach say some of dia players wey dem no carri go di competition dey affect dem, because one player don already get red card and anoda wunjure for di first match.

"One coach dey dia with di team but e no dey find am easy because nobodi dey to follow discuss anything with".

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Meet di Nigeria Amputee footballer wey wan blow like Ronaldo

Money no reach

"Super Eagles get everitin dem need for match, but we no get dat kain tin," di coach dey lament say di board tell am say money no dey to carri im and three players go di competition.

Last month, tori comot say di team turn to general public for assistance with money to epp dem go di competition because according to dem, di goment no look dia side.

For di last minute, donations begin enta small small. Like 1 week before dem suppose travel, Nigeria Amputee Football Federation board member Are Feyisetan confam to us say dem don raise N10.5 million out of di N40 million dem need.

As e be now, no arrangement dey for allowance or winning bonus for di Special Eagles and dis "dey very sad for team wey dey represent di kontri," according to Dosunmu.

Ten players na im bin first go Mexico but two more players go join dem for Mexico today (Monday).

How African teams perform for Day 1

  • Italy 3 - 0 Ghana
  • Brazil 6 - 0 Nigeria
  • Angola 4 - 0 Ukraine
  • USA 3 - 0 Liberia
  • Turkey4 - 1 Kenya

But Dosunmu say im get confidence say Nigeria suppose do well for dia game with Russia on Monday. Kick off time na 10pm Nigeria time.