Nigeria Army kill Shiites for kwanta wit soldiers inside Abuja

Shiites die for kwanta wit soldiers inside Abuja

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Army

Nigeria army confam on Sunday say three members of Shiite Muslim group don die and two of dem soldiers wound for one fight on Saturday.

Shiite Muslim groups don see pepper for military hand many times sake of accuse on top civil disobedience.

Major General, James Myam, di Commander Army Headquarters Garrison say di attack happun for Abuja - Zuba Road wen di Muslim group bin set illegal road block.

Tori be say di soldiers bin dey escort guns and bullets from Abuja to Kaduna.

Nigerian Army bin don arrest and detain di Shiite leader Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky since December 2015 sake of similar road block for wey happun for Kaduna.

'Di sect wey suppose dey do procession, create illegal road block wey dey deny motor to drive pass free. Wen di soldiers convoy try to clear di road block, dem meet stubborn opposition from di group. Members of di group use all kinds of objects to block di road and also stone di soldiers wit dangerous items. Dem scata both military and civilian motor dem windscreens and windows'. Gen. Myam tok.

'Dem even try to over power di soldier escorts and try to run away wit di guns and bullets wey di soldier dey escort. Na dis one make soldiers to begin open fire free demsef. As e happun, soldiers of 102 Guards Battalion wey be di army division for di area where di attack happun rush to help di convoy'. Di General add.

Di Commander Army Headquarters Garrison say 'unfortunately, as di palava happun three members of di Muslim group na im dem kill while two soldiers get various wound and dem dey collect treatment for one military hospital.

Tori now say be say normalcy don return di area.