We for don blow if to say we dey southern Nigeria - Young Kano musicians

  • Mansur Abubakar
  • BBC News Pidgin, Kano
Kano music and feem industry
Wetin we call dis foto,

Billy O dey guide over 100 young artists

Music na food for pesin soul all over di world but for northern Nigeria, music sometimes na like salt.

Kano state, north west Nigeria na place wia many pipo still dey live di kain life wey dia papa and grandpapa bin live tey tey.

Pipo no dey take religion and tradition play at all and tins like music no follow inside dis strict lifestyle.

But dis no dey stop some young entertainers wey wan change how both Kano pipo and outsiders dey see dis conservative state through music.

Bello Ibrahim, wey im music name na 'Billy O' and begin rap for late 1990's, tok say na hip hop artists like Public Enemy, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre give am courage to cari microphone.

Billy O get over 100 young artists wey im dey manage dia career so dem fit blow but im confess say to do music for north no easy.

"For southern Nigeria music na big and serious business but here for north, dem dey see us as pipo wey no get work" na so im tok.

Wetin we call dis Video,

Di 16-years-old wey dey sing classical music

Mohammed Shehu Madugu alias 'Maddox' na one of di pipo wey Billy O dey manage and e tok say wen e start im mama think say im don dey craze.

Maddox tok say, "My mama like many of our parents for Nigeria prefer make l be doctor or lawyer, na im make her ask me one day weda l don dey kolo".

"But l thank God say now she don accept wetin l wan be sotay she dey square me cash for studio time and tfare if l wan go shows," na so Maddox tok.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Khadija Nurudeen

Khadija Nurudeen alias 'KayJay' tok say she be wan do music since she be pikin and like most artists she too don face wahala.

She tok say "e dey normal to face wahala especially here for northern Nigeria wey things dey different from di south''.

KayJay still cari tori say, ''but now sha l thank God because pipo wey l love pass don give me support and l go continue dey push am until I become music star."

Billy O and im group of young artists dey meet every Thursday for one garden wia di master dey teach im students how to achieve dia dream.

Las las im tok say, "if not for music some of these pipo wey u see for don join bad gang or enter drugs but dia passion for music na wetin cari dem hia and na wetin dey keep dem focused".