Minimum wage: Govnors summon by-force meeting sake of chicken change salary Nigerians workers reject

Some APC Govnors wit President Muhammadu Buhari

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Presidency

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis meeting go torchlight di minimum wage wey dey vex labour unions for di kontri

Govnors of di 36 states for Nigeria summon emergency meeting on Monday evening top di minimum wage mata.

Di meeting fit connect to tori say labour unions for Nigeria go do mass protest for different parts of di kontri on Tuesday October 30, 2018 on top dia minimum wage mata.

Di mata of 20 thousand naira wey di govnors offer to pay Nigerian workers wey dey provoke labour unions.

Di meeting go hold for Abuja on Tuesday October 29, 2018 and na by force for all govnors to attend.

Labour wan do mass protest for Nigeria sake of chicken change salary

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Wetin dey vex di labour leaders be say dem don dey ask di kontri federal goment make dem increase minimum wage to N30,000 but goment dey tell dem stories dat touch.

So dis protest na part of ginger for dia November 6 mother of all nationwide strike.

Leaders of di Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Unoin Congress of Nigeria (TUC), and United Labour Congress of Nigeria don begin arrange dis members for di Tuesday protest and di November nationwide strike.

NLC tok say all di labour unions go meet with goment on November 2 to tok di final tok about di minimum wage mata.

And if goment no increase am to di N30,000 wey dem dey demand, workers go carry on with di November 6th nationwide strike.

Nigeria already don warn say any pesin wey strike now, na 'no work no pay' go be dia case.

But di Union tell workers make dem no fear di "no work, no pay" threat by goment.