10 African kontris wey dia goment worst pass

Some African refugees. Image copyright Getty Images

Mo Ibrahim Foundation on Monday release list of di 10 kontris wey get di worst goment of kontris for Africa.

Di areas wey di foundation torchlight to do di ranking na Safety and Rule of Law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

Top of di list na Somalia wey rank 54 out of 54.

Image copyright MO Ibrahim Foundation
Image example Dis na according to di 2018 Ibrahim Index African Governance (IIAG) wey di foundation do

Di MO Ibrahim foundation rank Nigeria 33 out of all di 54 African kontris with score of 47.9 for overall governance. But Nigeria still try small as di kontri increase from 35 for 2017 to 33 for 2018.

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Image example Lagos na di largest city for Africa

Di kontri wey get di best governance for Africa according to di foundation na Mauritius with overall score of 79.5.

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Di Mo Ibrahim Foundation dey torchlight leadership and governance for Africa.

Dis IIAG na di yearly report wey dem dey use check how governance be for African kontris.

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